What Is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a prescription drug in the group of appetite suppressants that has been around for more than 50 years. It was developed by American Home Products Corporation and approved by the FDA for use as a weight loss medication on March 17, 1959.

The first study of phentermine’s effects on human subjects was published on May 8, 1959 (1).

This medication is similar to an amphetamine because it stimulates the central nervous system decreasing your appetite while also increasing your heart rate.

Phentermine is a medication with brand names, like Adipex, Duromine, Fastin, Lomaira, and many others.

Its approved use for weight loss dates all the way back to 1959, and has a long history of use, having a good safety and efficiency profile, compared to other weight loss drugs at the time.

Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, doctors will sometimes prescribe phentermine to aid fast weight loss.

How Does Phentermine Work And What Does It Do To The Body?

Phentermine acts as an amphetamine-like appetite suppressant and works by stimulating the brain to release noradrenaline and serotonin.

Noradrenaline stimulates the release of more energy from the body’s stores, which increases metabolism and reduces appetite. Serotonin controls mood and appetite by suppressing hunger signals from the brain to the stomach.

Phentermine also slows down metabolism which will make 35% of people eat less without feeling hungry.

Phentermine Side Effects

Do not use phentermine if you are pregnant or breast-feeding a baby.

Side Effects: Phentermine has a number of stimulant-related side effects but the main side effects of phentermine may include headaches, dizziness, anxiety, dry mouth, rapid heart rate or heart palpitations, shortness of breath, insomnia and constipation.

Only take phentermine if it is prescribed by your doctor and always take this medication as prescribed.

Can You Buy Phentermine Over The Counter In Australia?


To purchase Phentermine you must have a prescription from your doctor. The most popular brand of phentermine here in Australia is Duromine.

Dr. L Carter

There is however, a perfect alternative to Phentermine that does not require a prescription which is very effective, producing similar results without the dangerous side effects.

This alternative is called PhenQ, a product developed in the UK. This product has thousands of positive reviews and amazing success stories.

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Can You Get Addicted To Phentermine?

Phentermine is designed for short-term use but in some cases it maybe prescribed for longer use.

Long-term use of amphetamine stimulants have a long history of being addictive, however, the addictive qualities in phentamine do not appear to be as strong and there was a study(2) of 269 obese, overweight or formally obese subjects where interviews were negative for phentermine abuse or psychological dependence in all LTP patients.

In saying that, there are cases where people have become addicted to phentermine from long-term use.

Should You Take Phentermine?

I always recommend discussing this with your doctor because they can go over your medical history with you and discuss any potential problems.

This medication has been around for many years now and has been proven to be effective for rapid weight loss, however, a lot of the people who do take phentemine take it with the wrong mindset thinking it is a wonder drug.

This medication is designed for short term use to help you adapt to healthier eating and lifestyle habits. A lot of people who stop taking phentermine tend to put the weight back on because they do not keep up with healthy eating and exercise.

Phentermine can help you get on the right track. To lose the weight for good you will need to make changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Best Phentermine Alternative

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Before trying prescription phentermine you might want to consider some of the safer and more natural alternatives like PhenQ.

PhenQ is the best phentermine alternative in the market that does not require a prescription.

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